Writing Coach Services

With over a decade of freelance editing experience and a commitment to her own self-improvement, Amy offers a variety of professional editing services to help you advance your writing. She is currently accepting new clients. See below for details, including testimonials, pricing, and contact information.

Proofreading and Copy Editing

$40 an hour

With an extensive background in literary publishing, Amy has developed a thorough eye for detail to accompany her natural knack for the English language. Through her proofreading and copy editing services, you can rest assured that your work will be polished to perfection while still maintaining your voice.

Amy’s talent for nonfiction writing is remarkable. She masters the subtle art of talking about her own experiences without a hint of vanity. But she has yet another skill that not all writers possess: the ability to revise other people’s work.

She is a sharp, intelligent, motivating editor, who knows how to suggest – with uncommon grace – the right adjustments to a piece of writing without imposing her own voice.

Lauretta Salvini

Developmental Guidance

$60 an hour

In this category, Amy will perform a deep reading of up to 5000 words of your prose. She will then return to you a kindly-written feedback letter that will address the strengths of your work and offer suggestions for advancing your story at the craft level.

I felt as if the kindest teacher was sitting next to me and gently guiding me in my writing. It is clear that you not only like writing but also LOVE editing. Thank you for your patience and love. Thank you especially for your little notes of encouragement. I can tell you not only like what you do, but you have the gift and charisma to do it.

Sr. Lisa Zelfa, Millennial Meditations

Line Edits

Starting at $60 an hour

With years of experience editing her own work and others’, Amy will read up to 5000 words of your prose and offer in-line suggestions for story development, craft mastery, and improving your writing at the sentence level.

Manuscript Consultation

Starting at $1500

In Amy’s most intensive level of coaching, she offers an experience that mirrors an MFA workshop–in the best way possible. You will share with her your completed manuscript, and you will meet via Zoom before work begins to discuss your goals for the project. She will then read your manuscript in its entirety, offering line edit suggestions throughout, and return the edited manuscript to you with an accompanying feedback letter outlining its strengths and areas for improvement. You will then meet for a second time via Zoom to discuss her feedback.

Commit to improving your craft with Amy as your writing coach.